Fully Automated Hematology Unit(XS-500i)


Antimicrobial resistance is threatening to significantly reduce the available arsenal of antimicrobials. As microbiologist, we play a crucial role in providing information that leads to improved therapeutic success and patient outcome (1) an increasingly difficult task given the rise in antimicrobial resistance. Helping the clinician select the best treatment fast based on the right identification and resistance information is crucial.

With VITEK 2, we have accomplished all these in less time and still focus on those tough tasks requiring a microbiologists highly specialized skills. This completely automated system provides same-day identification and antibiotic susceptibility results. VITEK 2 really means complete automation.
Note: After loading the cassettes, incubation and reading are controlled by the system, No user intervention is required.
- The System comprises of a PC, Reader/Incubator, and Smart Carrier Station
- It is capable of performing Gram-Negative, Gram-Positive and Yeast Identification and Susceptibility Tests
- Increase work capacity by connecting 2 Reader/Incubator Modules together
- Has Complete ID/AST Automation
- Designed to provide ID/AST results in as little as 5 to 8 hours
- Reduced hands-on time
- Maximum traceability provided with the pre-applied card barcodes
- Easy access to ID and AST results using the navigation tree and filters
- Rapid result searches by patient, bench, date tested, organism, technologist, accession number
- Simple bidirectional connection with your LIS
- Automatic validation and transfer of preliminary results
- Antibiotic Choice Made Easy

ProductStack 0015 Hematastat

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